TFDRC has focussed in activities on the collection of issues on the Tamang films and films made in mother-tongues and subjects and promotion of Tamang films through Nepal international indigenous and other film festival and dissemination of information through various media and website (www.tfdrc.com.np).


The establishment of the multicultural Nepal where every ethnic community could uphold its culture and tradition with dignity and respect for each other.


The mission of TFDRC is to provide a forum for Tamang nationalities (as well as indigenous) to document, develop and disseminate information on Tamang culture, tradition folk ways, history, language and issues in the visual form.


  1. To rein force film culture through workshops, seminars, interaction and trainings
  2. To organize film festival of national and international indigenous film and Tamang film
  3. To establish in formation centre, which consists of documents of indigenous film and film makers
  4. To create amicable environment to promote films made by Tamang (as well as indigenous) nationalities
  5. To award and honour naional and international film makers, who make films on Tamang or indigenous communities.
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