Social Activities

TFDRC is a non political, non betefiane and chaste with completely social-innocentiy institutional of Tamang comunity of Nepal. So, TFDRC has been done social work and sharing will be help to each other, association, institutional, group not only other social and people but also among humanities.

Like this:

  • Blood donation
  • Donation - poor orphan people who takes education from school
  • ILO-C-169 issues against the advocated

Donated by:

  • Charity show 'film' from built school to study for invest orphan, poor peoples in village side
  • If who poor man has gone for abroad and overseas, they will help invest
  • prevention in drugs, HIV positive, help all students, young boy or girl to overcome personal and social problem that inter from with learning

1. to connect worldwide in another in country who has trust trouble any travel or employment in case of lost passport in this time TFDRC will be help neplease peoples do it share everything.

2. TFDRC will be keep on every social work who need to face problem. it will be share all person or share everything.

Social Activities
Social Activities
Social Activities
Social Activities
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